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friday night.

smoked with samjam and fred around 4. Left with jimmy to go the mall round 5. Went to wompler's and chilled out on the ice on the south river. We had a fire in a barrel so it was all good. It was me, jim, wompler, ashley, colleen, suica, bizzy, gema, hugh and jacob odell.

Went to the mall with jim and ashley. Did stuff. Came back right as everyone was leaving for a fight. So we went with them way the fuck back into selby and watched jacob odell fucking murder some kid. He knocked the kid unconscious. Jacob odell is a monster. Ask me about the fight.

Then me jim and ashley picked up sami and were gonna go party at jd's but he bailed on us, so me and sami spent the night at steph's. and it was really fucking rad.



hockey game@ashburn. we played like shit and lost 5-0. BUt i';m not that mad i played alright and they're the best team in the league so whatever. But we have to play them in the first round of playoffs so that will be interesting.

then went to ryans and smoked with him and mcd. watched eurotrip. fun.


chilled, watched swordfish, and im gonna watch ocean's eleven at 8.


now i gotta re up. grrrr.

my weekend was really good.

valentines is coming. woot.
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