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i miss the person that you were but i dont miss you

10 May
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I'm Liam. If you're reading this, chances are you know me. And if you dont know me, I'm pretty sure that I'd like you. Unless you're an asshole. Then, I'm pretty sure I wouldn't.

I like music, girls, hockey, shows, and above all else, friends. I'm loyal like a fucking dog to my friends, they could be in an arguement, and be completely wrong, saying the president is chef boyardee, and id back them up. That's how loyal I am, more than a dog.
Hockey is another thing i like alot. Can't draw, dance(except skanking, moshing, and throw downs), do good in school, talk right, or most anything people are talented at, chances are I suck at it. Hockey's my drug, going 20mph carrying a club and fucking kids up, the penalty box is my second home. It's fun, and I happen to be real kick ass at it.

I also like going to raves, i couldnt care less if i can dance there. It's one of a few things that i really enjoy doing.

I make a lot of lists, about future colleges i might wanna go to, potential girlfriend, upcoming shows, pros and cons for situations when i need em, anything you can think of ive made a list of. There's my journal, and then there's the lists, on their own special pad and everything.

So, um, weeee.

the end