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Thinking about my future my future has got me down.

I need to get my grades up. case closed.

fuck me.

in other news, girls are a pain.

also, i need your help lj friends.

tryout for a regional team that participates in multiple national tournaments, which i probably won't make because the whole tryout is based on flash. of which i've got none. I'm arguably the best defenseman in the state high school league in terms of knowing what to do, how i do it, and just generally doing my job as a defenseman. But I really have no leg to stand on when it comes to flash, stickhandling and wicked shits. I can stickhandle enough, and i can shoot well enough, but neither is stellar enough to stand out which is what i need. So it's try out for that and probably get cut or i could celebrate 420 because the tryouts start on 420, why bother if i wont make the team? I dont know.
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