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i miss the person that you were but i dont miss you [entries|friends|calendar]

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[05 Sep 2010|12:55pm]
and just like that.

its like the same year all over again.

only worse. and more desperate.

but just like this. a big part ends. and im moving on over the plateau.
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[19 Nov 2009|11:42am]
doin alright in school. mostly on top of ym work. pulling decent grades. ive been slackin on going to the gym lately. but ive gone twice in the past 3 days. now i just ogtta keep that up. other than that. life is same old shit. for a brief period of time i was talking to hannah again and she made it clear she wanted to enter into a relationship again but then she backed out and doesnt talk to me at all so fuck her never gonna deal with her again.but uhhhhhhhhhhh. i dunno. still at volvo. thats alright. boring.
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[12 Apr 2009|11:05pm]
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[23 Mar 2009|11:05pm]
so in case you kids aint know. life is boring. that is all.
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murp [13 Nov 2008|02:32pm]
[ mood | high ]

Life. Is. A. Box. Of. Chocolates.

I do not liek the cohocolates I am getting.

I want better ones.

i want a hot pocket.

anybody know how to hotwire a uterus?

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[30 Oct 2008|12:19pm]
here i am. end of october. not alot has changed. school still sucks. the weather is depressing.

so is sitting around my house all day.

as days go by i wish more and more i could just leave.

i went and played some pick up hockey the morning at piney. it was just me and owen. it was pretty chill i just took shots for like an hour then went home. practice again tonight.

i needs a proper girlfriend. and a good fuck.
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[13 May 2007|08:46pm]
yeah dude.

did some shit at burning tree today.

the caddy situation is so much better than at congressional.

gonna make some bank this summer.



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[03 Apr 2007|07:08pm]
i could pull out a 3.0 if i get lucky, otherwise itll be around 2.6

best this year.

even though thats real sad.

wahtever, its improvement.

Went to pick up last night, it was some navy clinic. and navy sucks ass. i was the best kid there hadns down. i was being such a prick though, showing off like you dont know cause half the navy girls u17 team was there.

then i got to skip out on first period today to do early morning pick up at piney with some guys from my u16 team and my little brother.

it was awesome.

im so ready for tryouts.

ive been working out like crazy, and working on my shot every day.

im fucking ready.
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[14 Mar 2007|02:47pm]
its a great day.

ima go skateboarding.
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[11 Mar 2007|10:05pm]
So I'm back from the va beach tournament.

The whole team played like shit during the championship, so we lost, which is kind of a shitty way to end your season, but i had fun. Minus the part where i dislocated my jaw on friday. Some fucker checked me from behind, and it got dislocated. It was a lot of grinding on the left side of my jaw and then this crazy pop. It's not that serious. It still feels like someone hammered a couple nails into my jaw, which is better than it felt on friday and saturday, and i can't touch my teeth together yet, but i should be able to by wendsday or thursday. I can hardly eat. and the doctor wants me to avoid over working it.

The weather down there was rad, it was sunny and 70 degrees the whole time. I got my dad to drive me around this morning after we checked out, we had like 3 hours to kill. so he just drove and if i saw something i wanted to phorograph, i told him to stop. IT was nice. I got some really nice pictures of this fucking ancient tire swing, empty dirt roads, bridges and all kinds of rad shit you only find out in the country. which was cool.

I'm dreading school tomorrow, i didn't do any of my homework on account of the tournament, and then i have to do a whole bunch of late/make up work that i blew off early in the semester that's due tuesday in order to salvage my grades in those classes, in addition to all the make up work ill be getting tuesday since i missed school friday to drive down there and play.

And i have to do well in all my classes or risk my dad castrating me, and potentially no college. I want to go to college, but ive realized it too late and im just now getting my ass into gear. Plus, ive no idea where i want to go, what i want to major in, who would accept a kid with grades like mine and no extra curriculars except state champion hockey player. no idea want i want to do with ym life

And then there's hockey.

Junior nationals tryouts are in april, and all the u18's are in may, so i need to stay on the ice in order to be ready for those, and the only pick up around here is at piney on tuesday and thursday mornings, which means if i want to stay sharp i have to miss at least on first and half of second every week, but once a week won't keep me sharp enough for juniors, so i don't know where ill find a second and third ice slot to practice. Plus the fact that i may not even be good enough to play juniors. So if i don't make juniors i play u18 my senior year, and if i don't get to college im done after that. And if i do go find a college with a hockey team, none of them take true freshman anymore unless your ridiculous, so i'd have to wait until sophomore year to play, unless i play a year of juniors up north after i graduate or prep school. prep school won't happen, and neither will juniors if i don't make junior nats this year, so me making juniors is imperative to the rest of my hockey career.

I'm so scared/lost/stressed/worried/strung out/ready to break.

someone kill me.

or offer advice.

or a hug.


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[08 Mar 2007|04:00pm]
Ive found some of the best mash ups ever.

The legion of doom.

CHeck em out, they;ve got thrice, thursday, alkaline trio, senses fail, every time i die, atreyu, underoath, mewithoutyou, mcr, tbs, norma jean, brand new, saves the day, ffaf, dashboard.

it's all really good.

think a different breed of tsoaf
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[16 Feb 2007|04:03pm]
regionals against sseverna park tonight.

im fucking pumped.

if you wanna come, its at 6:40, gardens ice house(13800 old gunpowder road, laurel 20707)

tonight is gonna be epic.
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[11 Feb 2007|03:57pm]
friday night.

smoked with samjam and fred around 4. Left with jimmy to go the mall round 5. Went to wompler's and chilled out on the ice on the south river. We had a fire in a barrel so it was all good. It was me, jim, wompler, ashley, colleen, suica, bizzy, gema, hugh and jacob odell.

Went to the mall with jim and ashley. Did stuff. Came back right as everyone was leaving for a fight. So we went with them way the fuck back into selby and watched jacob odell fucking murder some kid. He knocked the kid unconscious. Jacob odell is a monster. Ask me about the fight.

Then me jim and ashley picked up sami and were gonna go party at jd's but he bailed on us, so me and sami spent the night at steph's. and it was really fucking rad.



hockey game@ashburn. we played like shit and lost 5-0. BUt i';m not that mad i played alright and they're the best team in the league so whatever. But we have to play them in the first round of playoffs so that will be interesting.

then went to ryans and smoked with him and mcd. watched eurotrip. fun.


chilled, watched swordfish, and im gonna watch ocean's eleven at 8.


now i gotta re up. grrrr.

my weekend was really good.

valentines is coming. woot.
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[05 Feb 2007|03:23pm]
About to leave to go kick severna park's ass. It's gonna be rad.

I now have a crew. they're pretty rad

And a new love interest. She's pretty rad.

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[30 Jan 2007|07:01pm]
So i did some skating today.

At matt hrapla's, we hit his quarterpipe all afternoon.

It was pretty cool, I had fun, I havn't skated in too long. It needs to warm up so I can skate more.

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[24 Jan 2007|08:52pm]
tomorrow is gonna be epic.

physics final woot.

yeah. right.

the eagle's nest is not going to fare well on this.

and then english. which is gonna be a cakewalk.


hockey vs. easton on friday. then severna park and broadneck next week. then playoffs.

you guys should come. any game. ask me for details. the severna park game is gonna be close by.
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[09 Jan 2007|06:51pm]
holy shit, did you guys hear about somalia?

uh oh.
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[06 Jan 2007|10:54pm]
Thinking about my future my future has got me down.

I need to get my grades up. case closed.

fuck me.

in other news, girls are a pain.

also, i need your help lj friends.

tryout for a regional team that participates in multiple national tournaments, which i probably won't make because the whole tryout is based on flash. of which i've got none. I'm arguably the best defenseman in the state high school league in terms of knowing what to do, how i do it, and just generally doing my job as a defenseman. But I really have no leg to stand on when it comes to flash, stickhandling and wicked shits. I can stickhandle enough, and i can shoot well enough, but neither is stellar enough to stand out which is what i need. So it's try out for that and probably get cut or i could celebrate 420 because the tryouts start on 420, why bother if i wont make the team? I dont know.
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[01 Jan 2007|10:39pm]
new years eve.

got drunk at womplers.

me and jim rock at beer pong.


get money, fuck bitches, kick ass, take names.
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[27 Dec 2006|11:05pm]
still fucking hate christmas.
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